Iconic Leaning Tower in Italian City to Undergo Extended Closure for Restoration

Closure of Bologna's Medieval Leaning Tower Square Extended Amid Growing Tilt Concerns
In the historic Italian city of Bologna, the square encompassing the medieval "leaning tower" will remain closed for an extended period, reflecting heightened worries about the 12th-century structure's increasing tilt.
Mayor Matteo Lepore emphasized the necessity of shutting down Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, not due to an imminent collapse threat, but to ensure the safety and restoration of the Garisenda tower, as reported by The Guardian.
The fate of the 48-meter-tall Garisenda, which stands adjacent to the towering Asinelli tower, has sparked significant debate in the Emilia-Romagna city. Researchers from the University of Bologna observed an unusual uptick in the tower's oscillation.
The Garisenda leans at a 4-degree angle, slightly exceeding the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa's 3.9-degree tilt. This leaning is attributed to ground subsidence during the 14th century.
Officials are closely monitoring the tower for signs of structural issues, aided by installed sensors to track any shifts. Reinforcement of its foundations with new materials is planned to enhance structural security. Furthermore, the Asinelli Tower, typically open to visitors, has also been temporarily closed.
Mayor Offers Reassurance Amidst Tower Collapse Fears
The Bologna council is taking proactive measures by establishing a dedicated committee to oversee the restoration of the Garisenda tower. Mayor Lepore expressed his commitment to seeking the highest levels of expertise both nationally and internationally, stating, "We will reach out to anyone who can assist us."
Despite the reassuring tone of the mayor, anxiety among the residents of Bologna persists, with concerns that the tower might one day collapse.
Carlo Lucarelli, an author and screenwriter, articulated his apprehension, saying, "I dread the thought of losing something that is an integral part of the city's essence. I've always taken the presence of the two towers for granted, much like one would take a beloved sibling for granted."
On a similar note, actor and film director Giorgio Diritti expressed his concerns, particularly about the surprising nature of the news. He questioned, "How can it be a surprise when the tower has been under scrutiny for years?"
Diritti even went as far as to pledge that if the tower were to ever collapse, he would be willing to step in to help "support the tower." 
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