Exploring Dijon: 10 Convincing Reasons to Dive into Its Rich History and Gastronom

Dijon stands as an indispensable hub of greenery, gastronomy, and culture in France, boasting a wealth of heritage, acclaimed free museums, a remarkable green landscape with parks and an iconic lake, legendary vineyards lining the Grands Crus route, delectable culinary specialties, and the recently established Cité Internationale of Gastronomy and Wine.

This compelling list of 10 reasons to visit Dijon extends an invitation to discover and share precious moments with family or friends, whether within the lively city or amidst the great outdoors.
1.Begin your day by savoring a coffee en terrasse at Place François Rude in the heart of the city. Enjoy the view of the flowery half-timbered facades and captivating terraces, facing the Bareuzai statue and carousel. It's the perfect opportunity to relish a fresh cup before obtaining a Dijon City Pass at the Tourist Office, available for 24H, 48H, or 72H, and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant atmosphere.
2.Embark on a mustard-making adventure with a workshop in collaboration with Edmond Fallot Moutarderie. Channel your inner mustard maker as you crush, grind, season, and mix to create your own mustard, preserving the exceptional taste that Edmond Fallot has upheld since 1840.
3.Experience breathtaking views above Dijon from the Philippe Le Bon Tower, built in the 15th century. After climbing its 316 steps, marvel at the glazed tiled roofs 40m below. Return at dusk for a Tower apéritif every Friday and Saturday evening, where you can enjoy a glass with Dijon at your feet, witnessing a 360° view of the city and a mesmerizing sunset.
4.Immerse yourself in culture with a visit to one of the city's free museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Burgundian Life, Sacred Arts, Archaeological or Natural History Museum, and the Rude Museum. Explore the city with thematic tours led by guides from the Tourist Office, catering to various interests.
5.Indulge in local delicacies during your artistic journey. Visit specialty shops like Boutique Vedrenne for Crème de Cassis, Fabrique Mulot et Petitjean for gingerbread, and Moutarderie Fallot for a dash of spice. Along the gourmet walk, discover the owl at the buttress of Notre-Dame church and make a wish by placing your left hand on Dijon's mascot.
6.Experience the art of sharing in Dijon's charming squares, offering ideal spots for al fresco dining. Choose from Place du Marché, Place de la République, Place Emile Zola, Place de la Libération, Bareuzai, Théâtre, to the Parvis de l’Unesco at the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie.
7.Engage in a hands-on experience with a workshop at the Dijon Tourist Office. Create, cook, and learn about traditional practices, including the small gingerbread workshop, yoga sessions, cooking workshops with Dijon specialties, and more.
8.Enjoy a sunny cycling excursion by renting a "Divia" bike and exploring the safe cycling route along waterways. Wander along the Coulée Verte, follow the towpath of the Burgundy Canal, and discover the tranquility of the Ouche River leading to Lake Kir.
9.Indulge in a Sunday brunch at Les Halles, where chefs showcase a spectacular array of sweet and savory dishes. This culinary experience allows you to taste local and seasonal products, making the Brunch des Halles a must during your stay.
10.Conclude your visit at the International City of Gastronomy and Wine, a UNESCO-listed site located at the former Hospices de Dijon. Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic and cultural experience, exploring exhibitions, a cooking school, the Burgundy wine school, shops, a gourmet bookshop, a cellar, and diverse restaurants. Let your senses guide you through this enriching journey.
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Rene Khan


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