Bishop’s School Robotics Team Applies Tech Skills Beyond the Lab

Bishop’s School Robotics Team Transforms Summer Experience in Bordeaux into a Global Robotics Challenge
The Knight Sky team from The Bishop’s School in La Jolla is leveraging its robotics expertise gained during a summer program in Bordeaux, France. Competing in Robo Cup 23, alongside teams from Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and more, the local squad participated in the Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge. Tasked with developing affordable robots for crises like earthquakes and nuclear meltdowns, the team, led by faculty advisors Marcus Jaiclin and Lani Keller, navigated real-world challenges.
The Knight Sky robot, approximately the size of a cereal box, faced diverse terrains and tasks, from sand and stairs to reading crisis signs and completing dexterity exercises. While the team didn't claim victory, member Audrey Lin highlighted the real-world application of coding learned in computer science classes. The open-source nature of robotics competitions allows teams to learn from others, and Knight Sky aims to improve its designs for future events.
Despite the challenges, the team's adventurous and creative problem-solving approach impressed Jaiclin. Engaging with international teams during the competition added an extra dimension, fostering collaboration and unexpected insights. The Robo Cup experience reinforced the team's commitment to robotics, with Audrey emphasizing the growing applications and real-world impact of the field.
Beyond the competition, teams collaborated on tasks, providing an opportunity for Knight Sky to work alongside teams from Hungary and Australia. The event showcased not only competitive spirit but also innovative solutions and a shared passion for advancing robotics on a global scale.
Rene Khan

Rene Khan


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