Marina Cicogna, Trailblazing Producer of Iconic Italian Films, Passes Away at 89

Renowned for producing some of Italy's most significant films, Marina Cicogna left an indelible mark with works such as Giuseppe Patroni Griffi's 'Metti, una Sera a Cena' and Elio Petri's 'Indagine su un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogni Sospetto (Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion),' the latter earning the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film in 1971.

A trailblazing figure in the traditionally male-dominated Italian cinema landscape, Marina Cicogna passed away in Rome at the age of 89. Her contributions to cinema, particularly as one of the earliest women to establish herself in the industry, were highly significant. The New York Times recognized her as "one of the most powerful women in European cinema."
Cicogna's impactful career was documented in the 2021 documentary 'Marina Cicogna. Life and Everything Else' by Andrea Bettinetti and in her autobiography, 'Ancora Spero,' released in the same year by Marsilio Publishing.
Marina Cicogna, who passed away with her companion Benedetta Gardona by her side, was set to receive the 2023 David Award for Lifetime Achievement. In a pre-award interview with THR Roma, she reflected on her life, films, relationships, and the changing landscape of cinema, particularly for women. Born in Rome in 1934, she was not only a producer but also an actress, photographer, and screenwriter.
Cicogna's roots were deeply intertwined with the world of cinema, as her grandfather was Count Giuseppe Volpi, founder of the Venice Film Festival. She lived a life immersed in the dolce vita, with experiences ranging from attending Sarah Lawrence College in New York to her foray into Hollywood through her friendship with Jack Warner's daughter.
Beyond producing iconic films, Cicogna, along with her brother Bino, managed Euro International Films, distributing notable works such as Sidney Lumet's 'L'uomo del Banco dei Pegni' and Luis Buñuel's 'Bella di Giorno.' Her cinematic journey culminated in her directorial debut with 'Metti, una Sera a Cena.
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