Latin Recording Academy to Pay Tribute to Native Son Antonio Banderas from Malaga

The 2023 President's Award, presented by The Latin Recording Academy, is a tribute to the remarkable contributions of exemplary individuals within the Latin community. This prestigious accolade acknowledges their dedicated efforts in advancing and nurturing the arts and culture on a global scale. Recently, the Academy revealed that the recipient of this esteemed award will be Antonio Banderas, the actor and businessman hailing from Malaga.

The accolade acknowledges the endeavors of exceptional individuals within the Latin community committed to advancing and nurturing arts and culture globally.
During the 24th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 16 in Seville, the actor will be celebrated. The bestowal of this recognition is a rare occurrence in The Latin Recording Academy's history, with the previous instance being in 2017 when composer, singer, and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda received the honor.
Rene Khan

Rene Khan


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