Les Poupées Persanes,

"Les Poupées Persanes," the play by Aïda Asgharzadeh, nominated four times at the 2023 Molières du théâtre awards, where it clinched two honors, returns to the Parisian stage this autumn. The production will be featured at Théâtre La Pépinière from September 14 to January 6, 2024.
Having previously graced the stages of Festival Off d'Avignon in 2021 and 2022, toured various locations, and performed in Paris at Les Béliers Parisiens, Les Poupées Persanes continues its journey within the capital this fall. The play secured four nominations at this year's Molières theater awards, including recognition for private theater and director Régis Vallée. Ultimately, it garnered two accolades: Best Supporting Actor for Kamel Isker and Best Francophone Living Author for Aïda Asgharzadeh.
Sharing the stage with Aïda Asgharzadeh, the play's author and performer, are actors Kamel Isker, Azize Kabouche, Toufan Manoutcheri, and Sylvain Mossot.
"Les Poupées Persanes" unfolds the tale of four university students in 1970s Iran, spanning the fall of the Shah to the ascent of the Islamic regime. In France, the narrative shifts to two sisters who resist the notion of celebrating the turn of the millennium with their families in winter sports. The play delves into the love story of Bijan and Manijeh, the iconic couple from Persian legends. It encompasses the narrative of hopeful youth, a thwarted struggle, a sacrificed people, twisted secrets, uncertain transmission, and love adrift. Ultimately, it becomes the story of all revolutions.
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