France Plans Beach Smoking Ban in Effort to Prevent 75,000 Tobacco-Related Deaths Annually

France to Implement Nationwide Smoking Ban in Beaches, Parks, and Public Areas

In a move to combat the 75,000 avoidable deaths caused by tobacco products annually, France is set to prohibit smoking on all beaches, in public parks, forests, and various other public spaces. Health and Prevention Minister Aurelien Rousseau announced the national anti-tobacco plan, emphasizing the government's commitment to curbing smoking-related fatalities. Legislation will be introduced at the beginning of the upcoming year to expand the range of locations where fines can be imposed for smoking.
Rousseau highlighted the decision to implement a general rule, stating, "Beaches, parks, around schools—lots of places had started these experiments and now, it's true, we're heading to a general rule to show our determination."
In addition to the smoking ban, lawmakers are also planning to outlaw single-use disposable e-cigarettes. An initial vote on a draft law to prohibit these devices is anticipated in the National Assembly next month.
Valentina Manning

Valentina Manning


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