Former Italian Footballer Celesia Fatally Shot by Pair of Brothers

Former Italian Footballer Rosolino Celesia Fatally Shot by Brothers in Nightclub Tragedy

Rosolino 'Lino' Celesia, a former Italian footballer aged 22, met a tragic end as he was reportedly shot dead by two brothers in a nightclub bathroom on Wednesday night. Celesia succumbed to three gunshot wounds in the neck and chest, leading to his pronounced death at a Palermo hospital.
Tensions had been escalating between Celesia and the brothers over time, with a previous dispute occurring a month prior, as reported by the local Italian newspaper L’Unione Sarde.
In response to the incident, the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office ordered the arrest of the two brothers, aged 17 and 22, following a thorough review of CCTV footage and witness interviews. The younger brother, still considered a minor in Italy, is suspected of murder, while the elder sibling faces charges of unlawful firearm possession.
Celesia, who initiated his football career in the academies of Trapani and Torino before returning to his hometown of Palermo, played for various lower league clubs, including Marsala, Troina, and Parmonval, before retiring from the sport. The tragedy marks a somber end to the life of a promising young football talent.
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