Arrest Made in the Case of Young Thieves Targeting Elderly Victims in Komló

One of the individuals involved remains a minor...

On January 29, the Pécs District Court issued a one-month detention order for a juvenile boy and a young man suspected of two counts of armed robbery, two counts of misusing a cash substitute payment instrument, and two counts of misusing a document.

The charges stem from an incident on January 5, where the suspects allegedly menaced a woman with a knife in a public area of Komló during the evening. They forcibly took her bag, causing her to fall, and stole items including a laptop, keys, food, cash, bank cards, and personal documents, resulting in approximately HUF 200,000 in damages.

A second attack occurred on January 20, where the masked youths approached another woman in the evening in Komló's public area. One of them wielded a knife, pressed it to her stomach, and demanded her valuables. The elderly woman handed over her wallet containing cash, as well as her phone and watch. The estimated damage from this incident is around HUF 100,000.

The court's decision today mandates the arrest of the suspects, with the juvenile to be held in a correctional institution. The ruling is considered final.
Valentina Manning

Valentina Manning


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