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Nagykanizsa to Regain Its Status as the Doughnut Capital

In 2009, the organizers initiated the Carnival Donut Festival in Nagykanizsa, evolving into a prominent early-year event within the city over the past 15 years. The festival has gained increasing national recognition, marked by the establishment of several Guinness records by participants. Last year, thousands of attendees engaged in the local carnival, with the main festivities centered in the Arena. A beloved feature of the event, the traditional costume parade, is making a comeback this year.

The parade, commencing at half-past 11 from Hevesi Street, promises to be a vibrant experience for residents in the eastern part of the city. The enthusiasm is evident, with numerous participants already registered. The event embodies a multigenerational appeal, drawing participants from young children to grandparents, fostering a positive family atmosphere. Terézia Kámánné Szép, head of VOKE's institution, expresses the joy of witnessing everyone, regardless of age, embracing the spirit of dressing up for the festivities.

While the eastern part of the city and the Arena serve as focal points, the Carnival Donut Festival extends its influence to the Thúry György Museum. Starting February 8th, visitors can explore the carnival-themed exhibition titled "Memories of Pálinkás." The festival also emphasizes social responsibility, dedicating a day to blood donation at the local Red Cross building, with proceeds contributing to charitable causes. On the 10th, the Arena will host a gastronomic competition, with over 20 teams already registered by the deadline on February 2. The competition spans three categories, featuring traditional ribbon doughnuts and various specialties, attracting professional teams from Serbia and Croatia.

The festival, welcoming those seeking enjoyment, offers free admission as diverse performers take the stage at the Kanizsa Arena.
Valentina Manning

Valentina Manning


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