Nagykanizsa: Theft Targeting Elderly Victim Reported

Conclusion of Investigation: Local 46-Year-Old Man Faces Charges for Robbing Elderly Victim in Nagykanizsa

The Nagykanizsa Police Department has concluded its investigation into the case involving a 46-year-old resident of the locality.

As previously detailed, an incident occurred on August 19, 2023, when an elderly man fell victim to a robbery on Zárda Street in Nagykanizsa.

The perpetrator obstructed the victim's path with a bicycle, verbally confronted him, forcibly shoved him, snatched his bag, and quickly departed the scene. The assailant made off with cash, food, and bank cards.

Responding swiftly, the police apprehended the 46-year-old suspect within thirty minutes of the reported incident. Following his arrest, he underwent questioning and was subsequently detained on suspicion of committing the robbery.

With the investigation now concluded, the police have forwarded the case files to the Nagykanizsa District Prosecutor's Office, recommending the filing of charges, as announced by the Zala County Police Headquarters on Tuesday via the Police website.
Valentina Manning

Valentina Manning


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