France Detains Thirteen in Connection to Marseille Drug Traffickers' Double Homicide

Joint French-Spanish Operation Leads to Arrest of Thirteen Linked to Double Murder in Salou

A collaborative effort between French and Spanish authorities resulted in the arrest of thirteen individuals, including the alleged perpetrators of a double murder in Salou, Spain, in May 2023. The crime was connected to drug trafficking networks operating in Marseille.

During a press conference, Marseille's public prosecutor, Nicolas Bessone, and Juan Carlos Granja Figueras, the deputy head of the General Commission of Criminal Investigation of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police), announced the arrests.

The prosecutor stated that the four members of the commando responsible for the Salou murders have been charged. Among the detainees, eight women are suspected of belonging to the DZ mafia group, part of the internal conflicts within the Yoda clan, to which the victims belonged.

The four primary perpetrators and an accomplice are in custody, while the remaining accomplices are on probation. Three women were identified as contributing to the escape of three commando members, along with the individual who provided them with refuge in a southern French apartment.

The investigation began immediately after the double murder outside a Salou hotel on May 3, 2023. Unknown assailants fled in a stolen car from Marseille. The car, later located on the AP7 highway to France, contained firearms and hand grenades. One commando member was arrested at the scene after setting the car on fire.

The joint task force, formed by French and Spanish authorities, focused on Marseille gangs. The prosecutor praised the "excellent cooperation" between the French police and Mossos d’Esquadra, emphasizing the ongoing need for collaboration as criminals cross borders.

The public prosecutor declared the Salou operation as a "before and after" moment in the fight against drug trafficking gangs in Marseille. The double murder highlighted the criminals' ability to quickly organize and carry out attacks abroad. Furthermore, it underscored the dominance of the DZ Mafia over the Yoda clan, marking a shift in the scale and impact of such criminal activities.
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