The Biella Suit Collection: Exemplifying Italian Craftsmanship

Embracing Italian Craftsmanship: The Essence of Zodiac's Biella Suit Collection.


In the heart of northern Italy lies the charming town of Biella, renowned as the 'wool capital of the world.' Here, a unique tradition persists: when a stranger arrives, locals extend not just a handshake but also a gentle touch to assess the quality of their jacket fabric. This innate understanding of cloth craftsmanship inspires Zodiac's Biella Suits.

Crafting a Zodiac suit is a meticulous process, driven by the belief that true impeccability lies in enhancing a man's silhouette and confidence. The Biella collection reimagines classic suit elements with lightweight, technology-infused superfine wool fabrics, ensuring versatility for any climate.

The distinction of Biella lies in its meticulous details. From the luxurious Bemberg lining to the hand-stitched lapels, every aspect is thoughtfully curated. The half-canvas jacket front elevates the chest, fostering a natural, confident appearance and unparalleled comfort akin to a shirt.

Zodiac's commitment to excellence extends to its signature Trinity buttons, crafted from Corozo, a sustainable "vegetable ivory." These buttons, along with the hand-stitched lapels, embody luxury and sustainability in equal measure.

Ultimately, a great suit embodies one's unique style. With precise cuts, Italian fits, and premium fabrics, Biella suits effortlessly capture individuality and elegance, epitomizing the essence of Italian craftsmanship.
Rene Khan

Rene Khan


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