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Netherlands joins call to shetler intercepted asylum seekers in non-EU countries: report

 According to NOS, the Netherlands and several other European Union member states are collaborating on a letter urging the European Commission to organize shelter for asylum seekers in non-EU nations. Their aim is for asylum seekers intercepted en route to Europe to be housed outside of European borders.

Under this proposal, asylum seekers would still have the option to apply for asylum within the European Union but would remain in the non-EU country while awaiting a decision on their application. Those who have exhausted all legal avenues could also find accommodation in non-EU countries until arrangements are made for their return.
The initiative was set in motion by the Czech Republic and Denmark and draws parallels to an agreement Italy forged with Albania in November. Albania, a non-EU state, hosts some asylum seekers rescued at sea, with Italy covering the costs while processing their asylum claims.
In addition, the letter references the Turkey asylum agreement, which was put into effect during the Netherlands' leadership of the EU. This agreement stipulated that individuals crossing from Turkey to Greece without authorization would be returned to Turkey unless they applied for asylum in Greece. Recently, three aid organizations filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government over the Turkey deal, alleging violations of Dutch, international, and EU laws, as well as years of harsh conditions on Greek islands.
The specifics of which non-EU countries the Netherlands and other EU members wish to engage with for these agreements remain unclear. The broadcaster notes that the letter lacks concrete proposals.
State Secretary Eric van der Burg (Asylum) told NOS that EU nations are seeking "additional solutions" to manage migration more effectively. He stressed the importance of international cooperation in this endeavor and expressed support for innovative approaches like Italy's agreements with Albania. However, he emphasized that any solutions must always comply with international and European legal standards.
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